About me?
I’m just a guy in his twenties aiming to understand a little bit
of what God is doing in this life by seeking a bigger perspective.
My life’s experiences have led me to a place where
it is my most strongly held belief that Christ is the only answer.
In a world where sin, confusion, hatred, strife, and chaos reign,
I seek a God of peace, love, redemption, perfection, and satisfaction
as He makes Himself known.
Worshiper. Musician. Recovering Insomniac. Former Extrovert. Wisdom Seeker.
It’s my goal to pursue truth wherever it may lead me,
as I firmly believe that truth will point me to the giver of truth. My Savior
Questions about something I said? Complaints? Disagreements? I’m all about those!
Shoot me an e-mail with your remarks at kv_lorow@yahoo.com
– Kevin


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