Still I Will Follow…

I love taking pictures of my shoes when I go someplace exciting. I’m not entirely sure why, but partially I feel as though the pictures represent my journey and my chasing something. The only question… What am I chasing?
Of the hymns that I’ve heard over my 21 years in Christian communities, few stick with me in the same way that “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus” does.

A few weeks ago, the CVCYouth Team was talking in our weekly meeting about “headstone epitaph”. The question being asked “What do you want to be true/remembered of you?” The answer came to my mind almost immediately, because it’s a question I consider a lot.

If one statement could describe my heart, I desire it to be this… “Though none go with me, still I will follow… No turning back.”
This statement is everything that I wish to be true of me. But why? This is a pretty simple and basic statement… Yet it communicates a deep sentiment. Though none go with me…

Even if its hard, even if I must do it alone, even if it costs me everything. Still I will follow. Because what I follow is what is most important.

For years, I couldn’t say that. I placed condition, things which would have to be true in order for me to follow… Lord, if you make me happy, then I’ll follow. God, if you give me a relationship, then I’ll follow. Jesus, if following you brings me this, then I won’t turn back.

All of these convey a message; that the object I’m following isn’t worth it unless there’s something else added to the mix. If I tell Jesus, “give me this” and then I’ll follow You, than I tell Jesus that He is not enough!

If I only follow Jesus conditionally, then I don’t truly follow Jesus, I follow the conditions! If I’ll only follow after Him if He makes me comfortable, than I’m really following comfortability instead of Jesus.

My heart’s prayer is to run and chase fully after Jesus and Jesus alone. He doesn’t ask to be the “first of my heart” but rather the sole desire of it. That’s why even if none go with me, even if I do it alone, even if I do it hungry, or hurting, I will STILL Follow.

I will Follow.
Why? Because I’m following Jesus, and in Him is found a worth that surpasses all else.


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