The ME-Centric Universe

“Kevin, did you know the world doesn’t revolve around you?”

I heard that phrase countless times growing up… and it was always delivered with one intention. To bring me back down to earth when I was soaring high and remind me that the world didn’t revolve around me. Which is an incredibly difficult lesson to learn. Mainly because every aspect of our lives points attention/focus to us.  At birth and through childhood, all eyes are on us, praising us for every little thing that we do. Perhaps most difficult to swallow is this truth: you live every single second of your life from behind YOUR eyes. While that may seem like a ridiculously simple truth, take a moment and digest it for what it is. The only person whose perspective you ever completely understand is you. The only constant person/object in your life is you. You literally are the very center of the universe that is your life. ME-centric. Everything revolves around you and you alone.

Your very perspective and worldview is built off of the information that YOU have acquired. You see, you think, and you shape your view. Every piece of information in your head has been gathered through YOUR experiences. Even when we process the information that others share with us, it goes through the filter of our minds. Saturated by previous thoughts and experiences that shape how we view it. We cannot truly impartially view information shared by another. (Perhaps this is why the trait of empathy is so valuable… An attempt to understand how someone else is feeling/operating and shifting our conscious thoughts off of ourselves.)

All of those rather extraneous details to bring our thoughts around to this… We are predisposed to think that life is about us.

Life itself is sending you one message “Life is about you.” That is why the “live it up” philosophy has long been foundational and acceptable to mankind. If life is about me, I must do whatever it takes to make sure that I am satisfied and content… That, however, is not a viewpoint that we as believers in Christ can be satisfied with. Because the message of the Gospel is that life is not about us, and our perspective must reflect that.

Our very lives exist to bring glory to God and to reach an unbelieving world. And that is why we must fight! Fight against this prevalent mindset and recognize truth. Though this world would love for you to believe anything else, this life is not meant to be about you and I. So let us live like it! Live life desperately to love other people and serve them! Glorify God and reach the world, because anything less is without true purpose. A hand reaching out to grab mist. Aimless. If we become focused on ourselves, we miss out on the greater purpose that God has in orchestrating every minuscule and grandiose detail in his plan. That is why we must throw aside our pride and self-focus and remind ourselves that we are not the the center of the universe, nor the main character of the story of our lives.


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